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Ufone unveils ‘Pakistan Tum He To Ho’

Ufone unveils ‘Pakistan Tum He To Ho’

Ufone has recently launched a web portal by the name of ‘Pakistan Tum Hi To Ho’ ( which will show the positive things of the nation and will highlight all the good things of Pakistan. In a situation when Pakistan is blamed for many things and its good things are being over looked, ufone has come up with a unique project which will surely help to raise the moral of its people. It will also help in the betterment of the image of Pakistan globally.

This web portal was launched today through a press conference in the presence of many important media personnel, bloggers and journalists.

This web portal is made for a very useful purpose, to promote its pure and rich culture. It will allow people to know the historical significance of this part of the world. This vibrant campaign will help a lot in increasing tourism by spreading knowledge about Pakistani festivals, music, art, food and the ancient civilizations of this region.

Through ‘Pakistan Tum Hi To Ho’ Pakistanis all over the world will have a chance to unite and come together on the same platform to learn more about their beautiful country. This showing positive side of the country will surely refresh the patriotism in the hearts of the people of Pakistan especially the young generation.

You can also download its content and share on your favourite social networking website or pages. The option of uploading any national content is also available which can help you to show the true and beautiful face of Pakistan.

Ufone with a new frame of mind has given all the Pakistani community a chance to destroy the false image of their country in the eyes of the world. And let the new and prosperous era in the history of Pakistan begin.

The CEO Ufone, Mr Abdul Aziz, in his speech said that he felt very proud to be a Pakistani and he hoped that whole nation will have the same feeling in their hearts. He also mentioned the responsible role of ufone in the country. He said that ufone has been socially responsible and has taken many steps to facilitate the people of Pakistan. Mr Abdul Aziz hoped that ufone will also play its role to improve the image of our beloved country.

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