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Mobilink Jazz celebrates the Spirit of Ramadan

Mobilink Jazz celebrates the Spirit of Ramadan

Mobilink Jazz has always prided itself on its understanding of the needs of the Pakistani cellular user, which is how it has become the cellular connection of choice for millions of subscribers across Pakistan. Every new offering by Jazz reflects the thought process put into ensuring that Jazz customers have the best connectivity options that fulfill their needs.

The new Mobilink Jazz Ramazan offering is a continuation of Jazz’s reflection of consumer aspirations as well as reflecting the spirituality of the holy month of Ramazan. The new ad campaign perfectly captures the essence of Ramazan and celebrates the month where all of the Muslim Ummah unites in prayer and the spirit of brotherhood. Mobilink Jazz also subtly highlights the need of connectivity and continuing communication that are essential to ensure that the bond of love and respect is maintained, and the role that Jazz itself plays in ensuring that the bond remains strong through uninterrupted connectivity and widespread coverage.

With the new exclusive Ramazan offer, Jazz subscribers get a one hour of FREE talk time, in addition to 100 Free SMSs (following a first minute and first SMS). The offer remains available for all prepaid packages of Jazz and Jazba, up till August 28, 2011. Jazz and Jazba users can register for this unique offering by simply sending an SMS to 8288.

Click on the link below/copy and paste into your browser’s address bar to watch the ad:

[youtube gmfC_tKk84A]

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