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TM Collaborates with Multinet Pakistan to Deliver Global MPLS IPVPN Services to Multinational Enterprises in Pakistan

TM Collaborates with Multinet Pakistan to Deliver Global MPLS IPVPN Services to Multinational Enterprises in Pakistan

Multinet Pakistan (Private) Limited (Multinet), a regionally renowned data and voice communication provider, today announced that it has forged a strategic alliance with Telekom Malaysia Berhad (TM), Malaysia’s leading Next Generation Network service provider, to deliver seamless, secure and reliable Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network (IPVPN) services to its corporate customers via Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) technology.

With the partnership, Multinet, and TM combine efforts to provide unparalleled IPVPN services, catering to the rapidly increasing demand from corporate customers in Pakistan and Malaysia, especially for multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity services and highly scalable network solutions that support the bandwidth-demanding applications.

“We are pleased to partner with TM, a well-established telecom carrier with a fully-meshed MPLS IP network around the globe, to provide seamless data connectivity to suit the diverse requirements of our customers,” said Mr. Rashid Shafi, Senior Executive Vice President of Multinet. “I believe TM shares our vision to deliver best-in-class network services to our multinational customers.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Rozaimy Abdul Rahman, Executive Vice President, TM Global, TM, also looks forward to the mutually benefits the partnership between Multinet and TM will bring, as it introduces an additional choice of high-speed network service to TM’s corporate customers.

Rozaimy said, “As we continue to see Malaysian enterprises’ demand for a greater variety of telecommunication services to serve their different business needs, we are very pleased to join forces with Multinet. This partnership not only enables us to provide customers with more choice of connectivity services but also helps us deliver a far-reaching service coverage and scalable bandwidth services to TM’s corporate customers.”

The partnership will boost the two companies’ network reach through the combined strength of Mutinet’s strong nationwide network in Pakistan, coupled with TM’s extensive network coverage in South East Asia, Middle East, Asia Pacific, the US and the UK; hence providing better access for customers of both companies. Multinet and TM will be interconnected via the undersea cable system Southeast Asia – Middle East – Western Europe 4 (SMW4).

By interconnecting these state-of-the-art networks, TM, and Multinet seek to broaden the Global IPVPN service coverage while enhancing the service level and cost-effective network solutions provided to corporate customers in Pakistan.

This collaboration will also facilitate enterprises in Pakistan and Malaysia to transform their business models to achieve economies of scale in today’s economic environment as it will reduce the need for companies to build independent networks and provide ongoing operational support for their own regional and global networks.

Corporate customers in Pakistan can now seamlessly access the MPLS-enabled TM’s global network through Multinet’s existing access infrastructure, both domestically and internationally. Similarly, this will enable TM to fulfill the increasing needs of its corporate customers back in Malaysia by leveraging on Multinet’s extensive domestic access and capacity.

Global MPLS IPVPN services bring great advantages to organizations which include scalability, ease of deployment and low operating costs. This service allows users to optimise the flow of information by differentiating traffic according to its nature and Class of Service. The advanced MPLS technology used for this service also provides highly secure and efficient networks solutions for the transmission of data, voice, email and video conferencing.

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