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The future is here – Samsung 'Smart TV'

The future is here – Samsung 'Smart TV'

Imagine a television that can actually think and engage with viewers? That time has come. Until now, TVs have been considered a passive device that helps you view your favourite channels or run specific applications, but Samsung’s new ‘Smart TV’ is guaranteed to change the way you look at television and home entertainment forever.

Samsung’s ‘Smart TV’ concept is all about allowing you to do more, yet keeping the entire experience surprisingly simple, rich and interactive. For example, haven’t you always hated flicking through the hundreds of channels streamed via satellite, trying desperately to find a programme that catches your interest? Well, with Samsung’s line of Smart TVs that no longer is a problem – just type in keywords, search for the content you’d like and select what interests you from the results. And it’s not about just sticking to the range of channels that are broadcasted – you can get everything from movies, YouTube clips, updated news streams from the web and even personal content delivered and displayed right on the screen using the Samsung Internet@TV and AllShare features. It’s entertainment on your own terms.

The Samsung AllShare feature uses wireless technology on your TV to sync and access content from other devices including your home computer and mobile phone. The possibilities are endless – play your favourite tunes, stored on your MP3 player or from your PC, right from your TV or view those priceless photos on your digital camera on the big screen with the whole family.

Samsung’s Internet@TV includes downloadable widgets and apps like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr and more that can be found at the Samsung Apps web store – the world’s first TV application store, which is at the very core of the whole Smart TV concept.

With just your TV you can stay abreast on the latest news, entertainment, business or other information, watch movies and television shows, view your personal photos using the Getty Images App, play games through the Texas Hold ‘Em Up or Sudoku Apps, and even communicate with loved ones on Skype. Do you interact with your TV? Chances are, you don’t. You watch a programme, but you don’t necessarily engage with it. Samsung hopes to change all that by making the experience a two-way street. You can watch an episode of your favourite show and then easily post your thoughts on it through Samsung Apps.

No other television brand can boast a dedicated TV app store, which makes Samsung’s new Smart TV concept a remarkable achievement. But perhaps, the biggest win is the fact that App store can meet and cater to the demands of the local market – with special apps released just for certain countries in the language of the nation.

The user interface of the TV is neat, designed to keep user experience as the top priority. With Samsung’s organised layout and dedicated categories, It’s easy to find and select the application or feature of your choice on-screen with minimal hassle.

And a television really isn’t just about the screen; it’s about the finer details and experience. Samsung’s new Smart TVs come with an elegant and smooth touch remote control, featuring a virtual QWERTY keyboard that makes searching for specific content all the more easier. A few taps of your finger is all it takes to get the television to obey your every command. What’s more – you can use it as a universal remote, allowing you to control other electronic devices in the room and not just your TV.

Samsung Smart TVs pack in some spectacular technology features, with the absolute standout being the powerful 3D transformation feature. Instead of waiting in vain for the latest 3D content to be released, your Samsung Smart TV can take regular 2D movies, TV shows and other content viewed on your screen and transform them immediately and seamlessly into 3D. The end result is a crisp, clear viewing experience with amazing depth.

With an ever-expanding base of applications just for your television available through Samsung Apps, the most interactive viewing experience imaginable to date, and an instant 2D to 3D conversion feature that promises to add more depth to your life, Samsung’s range of Smart TVs are quietly leading a revolution. Home entertainment will never be the same again.

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