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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review, A Precious Gift for all Phablet Lovers

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Review, A Precious Gift for all Phablet Lovers

samsung note 4 3So here we are, with one of the year’s most charming devices, Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Samsung has released this device all over the world with price tag par of Apple’s iPhone 6. Samsung, despite getting indulged itself in size warfare with iPhone 6 and Ascend Mate 7, has kept itself confined to the moderate display size with 5.7 inches and didn’t stretch it as compare to its predecessor.

Its ultra-powerful processor allows the device to perform extraordinary tasks such as calculating heart rate with a sensor, steps count, calorie intake, writing with Styles Pen and much more features under the hood.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is the latest in the series of Galaxy Note .With the ‘2K’Quad HD screen and all-round camera, this Note has a lot to offer to its users. The Note 4 is packed with brilliantly strong battery power. The phablet, updated to Android 5.0 Lollipop comes with an improved S-Pen stylus, which though still needs work as it, certainly is not for everyone.

The Note 4 is a big sized phone, it may pose handling issues but it doesn’t look ridiculous to hold while using or calling and gets adjusted easily even on small hands. This Note resembles a lot with the recent previous member of its family i.e. Note 3 in many ways. Its taller, thicker and heavier but the main difference is its width-its not that wide.This phablet comes with a back that is thin, having leather-effect plastic and gives good grip and business like approach. Another feature that attracts the users is the fantastic camera strength which gives amazing quality all-round pictures.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has iPhone 6 Plus as its, matching-in-price, top competitor. The Note 4 is quite expensive but when purchased,  it doesn’t fail to give its users the product satisfaction. Samsung  Galaxy Note 4 is a phablet that has great many awesome features for its users but still there are some lacking aspects that need working. For pointing out one, the manufacturers shouldn’t have dropped the water-proof feature in Note 4 which was in Note 3. This feature, the users surely would have wanted, to be in Note 4 as well.

You can still scroll with the S Pen, I guess, so Samsung hasn’t completely given in to convention. (That may have something to do with the fact that the S Pen is the feature that most distinguishes the Note 4 from the iPhone 6 Plus.) But it has improved and simplified the S Pen, in response to what Samsung execs tell me is common confusion about just what you’re supposed to do with the pen other than draw. You can still draw, of course, and the Note 4’s S Pen has more sensitive pressure readings and more accurate performance than ever. But if you’re not an artist, you can just use the pen to navigate around the phone without smudging or fat-fingering the display. (That’s what Samsung says it’s found users mostly did anyway.) It’s easy to highlight text with the pen, and a swipe from the upper left corner shrinks the app you’re in and opens another one underneath so you can, say, see a phone number in your browser while you dial in the phone app. You can pin a Post-it note of sorts to your home screen, which is a handy way to keep a quick grocery list or jot down a phone number. I still found myself mostly leaving the S Pen in its sheath — Samsung’s data says most people do but it’s much more valuable to the average user than it once was.
The Note 4 is the first Samsung phone I’ve ever truly enjoyed using. It’s not just a huge curiosity, though it is certainly that; it’s not just powerful, though that’s true too. It’s an excellent phone inside and out, the first Note that combines design, power, and performance in one package. Samsung knows how to take advantage of a large screen — even more so than Apple — and with a pen and some software tweaks and a ridiculous number of pixels, it does just that. Note still stands for productivity, and Samsung still sets the standard: you can do so much with this 5.7-inch device.

Even where it still falls short — namely, in Samsung’s still-overbearing need to tinker with and add to every single aspect of Android — Samsung is improving. Yes, the Note 4 is still too complex, still too focused on productivity over usability. Yes, there are still too many things you can do with this phone, and yes, too many of them are pointless. Yes, the iPhone 6 Plus is an easier-to-use phone with a better app ecosystem and a slightly better camera. But when I look at the Note 4 I see a Samsung that knows all this, and is fixing it slowly but surely.

Samsung can make truly great, uncompromisingly fantastic phones. And for the first time in a long time, I think it will. Soon.


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