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Secret of OPERA vs. Android TVs!

Secret of OPERA vs. Android TVs!

Through passing decade, there is rapid and ongoing evolution in technology. Means of communication has opened many doors and windows to explore and experience the happening advancements.

With each passing day it seems unfair to stick with outdated versions of products. Today is age of possibilities. Most trends and information flow is originated from a big black screen fixed in our homes named as television. But what one should do if that screen itself is not capable enough?

No doubt TVs has taken over the world and audience completely but still there are few OPERA operating system LEDs are being manufactured and sold. Here comes the question that what is the difference since both has internet connectivity?

Android TV similar to android smartphones not only broadcast TV signals but also offers downloading of desired applications with Google play store. As in OPERA there is limitation of only using default applications and there is no up gradation, installing and downloading of other applications as per requirement.

No doubt android TV serves you everything in one package and one remote control is needed. The larger App library turns your TV into a smart TV. Innovative technology of android is leading towards an all new level of entertainment and is widely accepted globally as TV is customized as per desire.

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