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CHEETAY.PK PARTNERS WITH MODEMETRIC: A TECH COMPANY THAT MAKES CUSTOMISED ANALYTICS SOLUTIONS, one of Pakistan’s leading e-Commerce platforms has collaborated with a modern analytic solution company called Modemetric. It is a well-established Business Intelligence organisation with offices in Lahore, Dubai and the USA and provides BI solutions, analytics, data integration, MIS reporting, predictive analytics, embedded visualisations and a whole host of tech services which help companies in establishing customised reporting, etc. This partnership will bring several benefits that will help them in creating synergy between new business opportunities, enhance their research capabilities and the steps to take in terms of making progressive strategic decisions.

This initiative will assist in leveraging data to better understand customer needs, enhancing customer experience, and will allow to serve its customers more efficiently. Moreover, it will enable them to better understand customer behaviour and react proactively to identify profitable avenues and potential areas which can help the company in devising pragmatic strategic plans for future growth and expansion.

Commenting on the collaboration, Mr. Ahmed Khan, founder & CEO of Cheetay, said, “As we grow there is an imminent need for direct access to streamlined and meticulous report generation and business intelligence. When you’re a tech company, you need an array of reports to delve deep into analysing your market, your customers and want to explore different mediums of BI support. Being a start-up that has established itself from the ground up, we constantly require analytical support that helps us to discern a wide variety of parameters that affect our business. I think Modemetric and its services put forward a potent MIS/BI tool that will help us immensely to look at report generation through a prism of analytics and seamless BI reporting customised for our specific line of work.

Unlike other logistic players, is committed to delivering not just food but becoming an omnipresent e-Commerce platform that provides everything the customer needs i.e. food, groceries, books, health care and beauty products, payment solutions, etc. Cheetay has upped the ante by not only continuing with regular food deliveries but has also started delivering cosmetics, medicines, etc. from authentic vendors to your doorstep.

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