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Schneider Electric Launches New Business Line – Secure Power Systems for Industry and Infrastructure

Schneider Electric Launches New Business Line – Secure Power Systems for Industry and Infrastructure

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management solutions, today announced the launch of a new business line – ‘Schneider Electric Secure Power Systems for Industry and Infrastructure’, providing fast and effective solutions for large facilities to increase power availability and systems uptime of mission critical applications.

As market leaders in deploying secure power services to the IT sector, Schneider Electric’s new business line comes as part of its strategy to expand its products and services range for industries and facilities beyond data centers. The company’s move comes at a time when organizations in healthcare, semiconductor fabrication, transportation, water, oil and gas as well as energy rely heavily on uninterrupted power for mission-critical processes such as security systems and automated manufacturing.

Secure Power Systems will apply technologies from Schneider Electric’s APC and GUTOR brands to provide secure power components for a range of industrial applications. In addition to a comprehensive roster of hardware and services applicable to a wide range of industries, as well as direct development of new technology and services to meet evolving customer demands, Schneider Secure Power Systems for Industry and Infrastructure will help customers meet their energy management and efficiency goals.

Further complementing Schneider Electric’s commitment to supporting partners and engineers throughout the region, the company has introduced an online Engineering Design Guide offering integrators a total solution while working with a broad range of APC by Schneider Electric products. The service extends guidance on the installation and management of cooling and power products including close coupled air conditioners and room air conditioners, data centre network and server, as well as room and row power distribution.

The online engineering design guide also offers support on APC’s vast range of offerings that include rack power distribution, racks and enclosures as well as security and environmental products such as sensors, cameras, licenses and security as well as environmental appliances. Software management guidance is also available to cover data center facility management, data centre infrastructure management and UPS management.

Munib Khwaja – Vice President IT Business Pakistan & Afghanistan – APC by Schneider Electric, said “The online engineering design guide is an indispensable tool for integrators working with our solutions. Included within the service are approved configurations for a host of solutions available for download in PDF format. Brochures can also be obtained as well as step by step specifications detailing assembly and construction information. Submittal drawings are additionally available with stage by stage diagrams and illustrations, not to forget that a team of our own engineers is readily available around the clock.”

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