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Coca-Cola and Reon Energy Setup a 65 kWp Solar Power Project

Coca-Cola and Reon Energy Setup a 65 kWp Solar Power Project

Reon Energy Limited recently began work at the site of The Coca Cola Export Corporation (TCCEC) for the installation of a 65.340 kWp solar power plant. The on-grid solar plant guarantees a minimum annual production of 86MWh, whilst reducing annual carbon emissions by more than 50 Tonnes and producing numerous in savings.

“It is a noteworthy initiative taken by the management of TCCEC. Coca-Cola factory through this on-grid system shall maintain uninterrupted factory operations. The company has set a precedent for many other large -scale businesses to follow,” said Inam ur Rahman, CEO, Reon Energy Limited.

As Pakistan’s Grid-power shortage exceeds 7,000 MW during peak summer seasons, solar energy with its short set-up time offers many long term benefits. Reon energy Limited has achieved unmatched technological expertise and operational strength to revolutionize the energy sector of Pakistan. Reon is a part of the Dawood Hercules Group, which is the single largest contributor to the private energy sector of Pakistan, controlling up to 1800MW of generation capacity with ventures such as, Hub Power Company Limited, Sindh Engro Coal Mining Company Limited, Engro Powergen Limited, Engro Powergen Qadirpur Limited, Tenaga Generasi Limited and Laraib Energy Limited.

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