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Samsung PND7000 TV wins Editors' Choice Award 2011 from CNET

Samsung PND7000 TV wins Editors' Choice Award 2011 from CNET

Samsung Electronics, a global market leader and award winning innovator in consumer electronics, home appliances and telecommunications, has once again made a breakthrough, with the Samsung PND7000 Television. This cutting-edge TV has won the Editors’ Choice Award from the CNET – A global forum for unbiased reviews of Televisions, computers, cell phones and other electronics.
After reviewing many of the best TVs of 2011, the experts at CNET gave this year’s Editors’ Choice award to the Samsung PND7000 plasma along with the Sony KDL-NX720 LED-based LCD TV. In 2011, the Samsung PND8000 and PND7000 plasma televisions have achieved further technological advancements and greater performance. These televisions are now delivering even better levels of BLACK than ever before, along with brilliant reference colors.

Samsung Pakistan’s Managing Director Mr. Hee Chang Yee said; “When compared with other world-class plasma products, it delivers superior video processing and wins for color accuracy, 3D performance, and bright-room picture. These Televisions have great picture quality characteristics and have rightly earned the performance scores of 9.”

There’s more to the Editors’ Choice than just “Picture Quality”, the experts consider another most important characteristic “Value for Money”. The PND7000 costs significantly less than the closest competitors in its category. The Samsung PND8000 Plasma TV comes with the additional features of a Web browser and the hi-tech remote control. Samsung’s remote control app for iOS and Android is also a brilliant concept.

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