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Global technology publications admire Samsung’s TV breakthroughs

Global technology publications admire Samsung’s TV breakthroughs

SamsungCutting-edge home-entertainment products and technology continues to enthrall the increasingly tech-savvy audience and enthusiasts. These revolutionary televisions are rapidly transforming the way we engage in digital fun and enjoy our favorite TV programmes, movies, videos, gaming or other visual treats and thrilling content, in our TV lounges or recreation rooms.

The awesome technological breakthroughs in home entertainment are consistently adding delightful features in our televisions, besides empowering us with exciting applications and allowing global connectivity, while making it all more and more affordable for everyone. Only a few years back, any power-packed home entertainment device or Television, promising a wide range of captivating fun-features used to be a privilege that was accessible to only the rich and prosperous segments, while the average household could only dream of enjoying those mesmerizing digital moments.

However, over the past few years, with the continuous innovations in technology, a new breed of highly-evolved, sleek televisions has been introduced by global technology-leading enterprises, who are consistently pursuing the development of “Smarter” electronics for the future, that converge the digital telecom technologies to create smart TVs and other devices offering  incredible features.

Samsung Electronics is one such global enterprise, dedicated to transforming and converging technologies. It’s diverse range of home-entertainment and telecommunication devices have revolutionized recreation, entertainment and digital multi-tasking for the common people. This technology giant and its fascinating products have been frequently admired in global technology forums and media, while its highly diversified product range also enjoys great popularity among the masses.

The cutting-edge Televisions produced by Samsung are specifically designed to offer unparalleled enjoyment through sophisticated home entertainment systems, and were recently evaluated by experts and world-renowned publications, who engage a large number of users and products to conduct surveys and research on the features and popularity of various Television models, across the world.

Over the recent weeks, the results of W49’s award, reviews and test-results were published by several top-tier technology-review publications. After evaluating more than 22 Televisions and other devices in countries, including; UK, USA, Russia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Mexico, etc., the experts admired and highlighted various outstanding qualities of the world’s leading televisions. Details of the key awards and reviews are as follows:

The Stuff Magazine (UK) rewarded the 55 inch audio-visual marvel by Samsung named – UE55HU7500 Television, by presenting it the “TV of Year” award at the “Stuff Gadget Awards 2014”. The experts at Stuff commented positively on this product, declaring it as; “A handsome, high performance 4K flatscreen”, further stating that “this telly offers affordable 4K plus plenty of stuff to watch until the catalogue catches up”

The BooredAtWork Magazine in the UK declared that that the Samsung HU8550 TV is “Nothing short of awe-inspiring” offering a “Great way to experience…” an “imaginative escape”, while it also “Declares simplicity and elegance”.

The AV Forums in the UK, declared the Samsung  UE40H5500 TV as a Best Buy, scoring 9/10, while stating that this “Impressive” TV model delivers “Very Good picture quality” as an “Impressive budget Smart TV”. AV Forums UK also appreciated the Samsung UE40H6500 TV stating that it qualifies for the “AV Forums Recommended Award”. The experts commented that; “This is a very solid TV with an almost all-encompassing array of Smart TV features and an attractive design”. Its “Great video processing, superb color accuracy and very good black levels are the hallmarks of the Samsung ranges and the H6500 bears them all.” On this TV; the “Pictures in both 2D and 3D had plenty of detail, depth and realism and, all in all, this is a very solid television”.

The “Big Picture Big Sound” Magazine in the USA, evaluated the Samsung UN65HU900 Television, giving it a score of 3.5/4 in the review. This popular technology-publication in America declared that this 65 inch TV is “Remarkable” as it “Delivers fine picture” and is “quicker to respond”.

The Chip magazine in Russia evaluated the Samsung UE65HU8590 TV, giving it “The First Place”, while the experts stated that it promises good “Ergonomics, brightness, good value for money”.

Observing these comments and compliments given by some of the world’s leading technology evaluators and authentic publications, it becomes fairly evident, that Samsung’s innovative breakthroughs and its television technology is truly worthy of the global popularity enjoyed by the brand, among the masses. We can thus presume that these positive remarks about the leading televisions will make the choice easier for those who intend to purchase a new television, or replace their current TV set in the near future.

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