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Samsung Eco-Bubble Washing Machine Redefines Eco-Friendliness

Samsung Eco-Bubble Washing Machine Redefines Eco-Friendliness

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, recently launched its new flagship front-loading washer, the Eco Bubble Washing Machine, during Europe’s biggest consumer electronics fair, IFA 2010, held at the Messegelande, Berlin.This stylish washing machine has achieved upto 70% energy conservation (30 percent less than the limit for an “A Energy” rated washer). It delivers great performance during cold water wash cycles at 15º C, thus it allows you to save the energy needed for heating water to 40ºC. This offers gentle fabric care for delicates. These seven and eight kg large capacity washers offer numerous other advanced features. Its innovative motor operates without belts or gears, generating an impressively low vibration and noise, even at 1400 RPM. An exceptionally durable assembly ensures consistent quality service, backed by a 10 year motor warranty.

Category Head Home Appliances Mr. Fawad Raza Sayeed said; “Today’s modern families want an easy-to-use washing machine that can take on larger wash loads and reduce their carbon footprint. The technology inside the Samsung Eco Bubble Washing Machine addresses this and incorporates our innovative design to make a truly stunning addition to the most stylish home.”

This attractive machine has a stainless steel metal finish on the door and the program-selection dial. The intuitive control panel comes with easy-to-operate wash option buttons. A vibrant LED display provides useful feedback and a robust and solid door with a wider port hole allows easy loading and unloading.

The bubble generator dissolves detergent into water and then injects air. This produces a rich soapy foam cushion within a few seconds. The foam dissolves into the wash water, penetrating evenly and deeply into all kinds of silky, woolen or cotton fabrics, at a speed 40 times faster than conventional washers.

Samsung’s unique Diamond Drum design has water-holes that are 36 percent smaller than conventional drums, to prevent fabrics from getting snagged. These water holes also create a water pocket in each diamond indentation to reduce friction damage and add to the life of clothes. The Eco Drum Clean feature automatically alerts users to clean the drum. Without using chemical detergents, the washing machine employs high-speed spinning with water heated up to 70ºC to keep the drum clean. This allows regular cold water wash cycles without reducing drum hygiene over time. Its unique anti-lime ceramic heater is less susceptible to hard water scale build-up, tripling the device’s lifespan.

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