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Samsung and Thales to Develop TETRA Based WiMAX and LTE Devices

Samsung and Thales to Develop TETRA Based WiMAX and LTE Devices

­Samsung Electronics and the defense contractor, Thales are to jointly develop and market a 4G based PMR (Public Mobile Radio) plaform for use by public safety and security organizations. Through their partnership, Thales and Samsung Electronics are creating the first offer supporting both mobile WiMAX and LTE as well as the TETRA European public security standard.

The solution offers a full compatibility with existing PMR networks. In order to provide that ability, Thales is using its TeMax system, a high speed PMR radio solution, to which Samsung’s radio technology has now been added.

Thales’s customers in public sector are expected to be able to improve communications by using various services such as video surveillance, multimedia data transmission while reducing the cost for network deployment and operation.

“This unique and innovative integration of 4G technologies and TETRA will make more advanced and efficient communications under guaranteed security. Also, it will be a significant step further to expand addressable markets.” said Mr. Woonsub Kim, Executive Vice President and Head of the Telecommunication Systems Business at Samsung. “Based on the numerous experiences in communication market, Samsung will create the best-fit solution for specific client.”

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