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Mobilink reaches out to 65,000 flood affectees

Mobilink reaches out to 65,000 flood affectees

Mobilink, Pakistan’s market leader in cellular services and a part of Orascom Telecom Holding, is rapidly expanding the outreach of its flood relief efforts and continues to deliver healthy food and basic necessities to flood victims across the country.The efforts are being channeled through the Mobilink Foundation using the Rs 85 million pledged Mobilink and OTH exclusively for Flood Relief efforts. In addition to this, Mobilink employees have generously contributed more than Rs. 6 million from their salaries and generated funds with the help of family and friends through collection points set up in 22 Mobilink offices across Pakistan. The procurement, packing items into family units, loading and distribution is being managed end to end by Mobilink employees who have donated their personal time to relief efforts.

Mobilink Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Mobilink, has mobilized its team of volunteers who have distributed over 44,000 bottles of clean drinking water, 1,860 packs of dry food rations 3,900 hygiene kits, 500 bags of atta, and 7,215 ready to eat food packs amongst the affectees. Through its efforts, Mobilink has touched more than 15 locations including the suroundings of Multan, Muzaffargarh, Nowshera, Tarru Jabba, Thetar Khel, Dera Ghazi Khan, Charsadda, Agha Khel, Khwazakhela & Madyan, Swat, Sukkur, D.I. Khan as well as smaller towns and villages across Pakistan.

In addition to this support, Orascom Telecom has also launched special international campaigns in Greece and Egypt to raise awareness and funds for flood-relief activities in Pakistan. 

In the past Mobilink has carried out extensive relief efforts for the 2005 earthquake victims and a large relief camp for accommodating 1,000 families of IDPs from Swat.

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