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PTCL’s day and night hectic efforts restore communication links

PTCL’s day and night hectic efforts restore communication links

PTCL’s day and night hectic efforts restore communication links
with flood affected areas
Islamabad: In the aftermath of on going natural catastrophe i.e. heavy rains and floods, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Ltd is making all out efforts to restore communications lines so that the people in the affected areas are connected with their loved ones.Numerous telephone lines became non functional and numerous exchanges rendered un-operational in the Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa province as a result of heavy rains and floods that have devastated the province. It is a priority with PTCL to restore communication network at earliest, to facilitate people in staying connected and locating their loved ones but also aid in the rescue operations.
PTCL employees are playing their due role in the mammoth challenge faced by the nation. In this hour of trial, they are acting far beyond their normal course of duties while risking their lives to restore communication links in order to facilitate the rescue operations and PTCL management is rightly proud of their courageous and brave acts.
Communication Network at Bara, Jehangira, Akora Khattak, Shmli Banser, Batgram, Serai Saleh, Chitral, Islam pur, Mastuji, Saidu Sharif, Shangla, kohat Ahmadi-Banda, Peshawer, Gulabad-Timergara were down on 29th July, 2010 due to heavy rains and floods. Consistent and resolute efforts of PTCL workers resulted in restoring most of the exchanges and telephone lines on August 01, 2010.
Floods and rains resulting in destruction of roads and bridges have left optic fiber cables damaged between GT Road and Charsadda Road Peshawer, badly effecting communication network. PTCL, Vfone and Ufone that use PTCL as the backbone are the only telecommunication services that are still operational in the flood affected areas. PTCL team is working day and night relentlessly to re-establish the contact under extremely difficult and trying conditions. Most of the damaged network has been restored and work is continuing to restore the complete network.
PTCL is fully committed to providing unstinted support to our countrymen in their rehabilitation process and is working on a comprehensive plan for extending every possible help to the people affected by the worst ever floods to hit this area in the country’s history.

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