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Nokia's Mobile Phone Division Chief Resigns

Nokia's Mobile Phone Division Chief Resigns


Jus­t a few days after Nokia ousted its CEO in favour of a former Microsoft executive, the company has announced the loss of another director. This time, the head of Nokia’s Mobile Solutions unit, Anssi Vanjoki has announced his resignation.

He is currently responsible for the company’s portfolio of mobile computers, smartphones and the services business.

Vanjoki, who joined the company in 1991, has six months notice period and he will continue in his current tasks for the time being.

“I felt the time has come to seek new opportunities in my life,” Anssi Vanjoki says. “At the same time, I am one hundred per cent committed to doing my best for Nokia until my very last working day. I am also really looking forward to this year’s Nokia World and sharing news about exciting new devices and solutions.”

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