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Nippon Paint Pakistan becomes authorized supplier of Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan

Nippon Paint Pakistan becomes authorized supplier of Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan

Nippon Paint Pakistan (Pvt) (Ltd), has continuously been dominating thedecorative segment of the paint industry, along with provenexcellence in the Passenger Cars arena and the Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM) sector.

Now, NipponPaint Pakistan has achieved yet another milestone, bywinning the status of an Authorized Supplier of Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan. This relationship of trust with this globally leading manufacturer of automobiles reflects the high standards of NipponPaint’s products and its quality services. According to the recent contract,Nippon Paint Pakistanhas been chosen to supply its products to the“SurfacePre-Treatment Area”at the manufacturing sites of Honda Atlas Cars.

Speaking on the occasion, the General Manager of Nippon Paint Pakistan – Syed Samad Zaheer said, “It is a great achievement for us that Honda Atlas Cars hasplaced its complete faith in the highly-evolved quality parameters adopted by Nippon Paint Pakistan. This also reflects as a certification for all Nippon consumers and stakeholders,that world-class manufacturers are increasingly using our products as an adornment and protection for theirautomobiles.Nipponreiteratesits commitment to meet and exceed the diverse needs of all our consumer segments.”

Nippon Paint Pakistan has always focused on providing high quality products, through the use of cutting-edge technologies, extensive research and value-driven principles. This achievement is adirect result of a continuous pursuit for excellence at Nippon.

Nippon Paint was established in 1881 in Tokyo, Japan, by Mr. MotekiJujiro. Today it is one of the largest paint manufacturer in Asia. The company had also pioneered the first paint plant in Japan and has grown rapidly into the world’s leading international paint manufacturer with 30 companies operating across the world.


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