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Mobilink introduces mobile auditions to increase outreach of ‘Pakistan Idol’

Mobilink introduces mobile auditions to increase outreach of ‘Pakistan Idol’

Mobilink New LogoMobilink empowers millions to participate in Pakistan’s largest music reality show 

Mobilink has introduced mobile based auditions for ‘Pakistan Idol’, offering an opportunity for millions of Pakistanis to become part of Pakistan’s largest music reality show.

Mobilink is the exclusive cellular partner for ‘Pakistan Idol’, which is currently conducting nationwide auditions for the first edition of the show in Pakistan. Mobilink has increased the outreach of these auditions through the introduction of the mobile auditions that can be accessed from any part of the country. Participants will be able to record a 60 second audition, which will then be evaluated by a panel of judges, to select participants for a second round of auditions.

Farid Ahmad, Vice President Marketing Mobilink said, “Our support for ‘Pakistan Idol’ is a means of providing an avenue for Pakistan to show case its talent to the entire world. The introduction of the mobile auditions aims at building on the strengths of our nationwide coverage to increase the access of the show and to unearth talent from every corner of the country.”

The auditions for the reality show constitute various rounds, with a total of 100 participants to be short-listed from the first round of nationwide auditions. Subsequent rounds will test skills through group and individual performances, with 13 contestants reaching the final stage where they will perform over several weeks to compete for the title of ‘Pakistan Idol’.

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