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Mate S-Super Efficient Processor & Seamless Connectivity

Mate S-Super Efficient Processor & Seamless Connectivity

The diversified community of smart phone users constantly remains in need of such new devices which satisfy their need of possessing extraordinary smart phones which, along with latest technological features should also carry ultra attractive attire as well. Huawei has taken care of this need, many times in the past and now with the impending launch of Mate S, it can be undoubtedly said that Huawei is taking it all to the next level. The high efficiency, stability and outstanding quality of Mate S will make it stand out among its peers.

The internal components of Huawei Mate S, keep up the high levels set up by the exterior extremely elegant finesse. This smart device carries numerous amazingly unique characteristics which are surely going to make the customers fall in love with this gadget. Talking about the specifications of Mate S, the chip set, incredible controlled power consumption, and antenna features guarantee that the users of Mate S, would certainly enjoy seamless performance because of latest processor, Octa-core 64-bit chipset HiSilicon Kirin 935, which increases the systems fluent performance by 10%.

The Smart Antenna helps to have connectivity at all times, even if the user is sitting in a speeding train because with the Signal + technology and smart antenna, the signal power is enhanced and the ratio of call drop is greatly decreased. This result has been achieved and proved through multiple consecutive tests on high-speed trains. The intelligent antenna switches automatically according to the position of the user’s hand holding the smart phones and gives smooth, unhindered call connectivity.

With an additional Wifi + sensitive technology, the internet connectivity would never suffer because Huawei has equipped Mate S with the capability that it identifies the frequently used Wifi area, self-activates and connects. This Auto-connect to WIFI establishes connection with the strongest signal and intelligent switch of WIFI and 4G connectivity would give the Mate S users such a terrific usage experience that they won’t be able to switch their smart phone’s brand ever.

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