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Live Smart & Exciting Life with Mate S by Huawei

Live Smart & Exciting Life with Mate S by Huawei

Mate S is an exquisite, extraordinary smart phone which is soon going to be unveiled by Huawei in Pakistan mobile market for those technology enthusiasts who always require diversity and uniqueness. This smart phone has been developed by the experts at Huawei’s R&D department with supreme excellence because of which this flagship device possesses features which are perfect enough to bring the users in admiration of this technology pioneering brand.

Among countless striking characteristics of Mate S, its capability to produce Hi-fi Music in an exciting way is surely going to entice customers, once this smart device is in the market. With New speakers, Hi6402 Audio chip, smart amplifier and Uni-body sound box the audio quality of music through Mate S, is certainly going to be a treat for the users and the headset sound effect matching feature will make the Hi-fi music experience ultimately superb.

Huawei’s Mate S would come with extremely smart touch screen, the interaction facilitated through it would give the users an out of the world experience because the screen of Mate S is pressure sensing screen which is the most important sensory function ever since multi-touch.

The screen of this smart phone is also equipped with other striking features such as revolutionary 3D control, enhanced touch experience, high precision sensor and the ability to identify strong and weak pressure.

Huawei’s Country Marketing Head, Mr. Fraz M Khan has said, “Huawei would soon launch this extraordinary smart phone in Pakistan. The latest fascinating technologies incorporated in this device are going to attract a large portion of smart phone users in the Huawei family.”

This Huawei smart phone has been manufactured to bring perfect ease in the users’ lives. Mate S’s features such as health management, car-phone interaction and wireless printing are totally going to take off the extra burden from user’s everyday routine.

With never ending list of Huawei Carr era’s exciting characters, this smart phone is all set to win the Pakistan mobile market swiftly. The growing number of smart phone users and their ever changing needs are the factors which Huawei keeps in focus while manufacturing its superb smart phones. This is obviously reflected in the sales growth which this brand has achieved in this year and surely these figures are going to increase many fold in future.

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