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Huawei’s Glamorous Models Steal Limelight At Sunsilk PFDC Fashion Week

Huawei’s Glamorous Models Steal Limelight At Sunsilk PFDC Fashion Week

Last night at the glamorous event of Sunsilk-PFDC fashion week, Huawei’s gorgeous and amazingly beautiful models stole the limelight and Huawei stall was full of the brand lovers and big celebrities. The theme of the stall was designed to depict the Huawei’s best flagship smart phone, Huawei Mate 8 and there were colorful lights all around, where Huawei officials were also present to offer high technology experience and describe the product specifications to the visitors.

Among the ultimate stylish and exquisite models of Huawei, Mate 8, Honor 5X and Huawei Shot X were displayed at the stall. A renowned Pakistani celebrity, -Mr. Wiqar Ali Khan also visited the Huawei stall and enjoyed the first hand experience of all the three displayed smart phones of Huawei. Huawei officials also conducted a contest, more specifically a Twitter contest, and through this contest, winners were awarded with high technology Huawei smart phones at the event.

The stall was so crowded with visitors that it was an impression that the actual show is at the stall instead of ramp. Moreover the honorable guest of the evening, current Senator of Pakistan, who also visited the stall and enjoyed the elegance and advanced technology incorporated products of Huawei.

Huawei has been majorly participating in the events and sponsor such activities in the Pakistani consumer market. The visitors at the stall took selfies with Mr. Waqar Ali Khan and made their video clips as well using the best camera of Huawei Mate 8, Honor 5X and Huawei Shot X. Huawei products are so fascinating and up to the customers demand that no one can pass by without being attracted to them and this was witnessed at the show, where Huawei stall was the only fully crowded and most visited one.

Huawei is equally a brand of celebrity and of the general public. It has a lot of excitement as well as advancement in term of technology and design to offer its consumers. Especially in Pakistan Huawei has outgrown and stands among the most endorsed brands.

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