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Huawei Takes Lead in Design for An Upcoming Huawei Y6 PRO

Huawei Takes Lead in Design for An Upcoming Huawei Y6 PRO

Huawei is setting records for producing the best market products one after the other with an accelerated pace. Recently announced to be launched in Pakistan, Huawei Y6 Pro is one of such smart phones that is predominantly expected to seize larger portions of consumer market right after the launch. Huawei has exquisite design and attractive looks for the Y6 Pro that makes a premium style device. And for most of its part looks of Y6 Pro will be majorly responsible for capturing the technology lovers in Pakistan.

Huawei has been consistent in its approach to offer the best technological device, along with high quality esthetic designs. For example, Huawei’s flagship device Mate 7 was thought to be the smart phone of the era due to its classically beautiful design and unmatched superior quality specifications, but now it can be observed that the Technology giant has much more to offer its customers. Hence, Huawei Mate 8 shattered all the previous sales records in the market. And without any delay now Huawei is going to launch Huawei Y6 Pro for its customers. The idea is to address all the segments of consumer market with equal attention and care.

Huawei Y6 Pro is perfectly streamlined with a touch of elegant craftiness. Huawei R&D teams have worked out an ultimate slim structure for the new smart phone. Huawei Y6 pro is only 8.5 mm in thickness that gives a unique experience to hold this gem of Huawei. Further, the fine lining on the border sides of this metal bodied smart device gives it a shiny and delicate impression for the observer. To make it more alluring to the eyes, Huawei has designed the back of Y6 pro in a water-wave curved fashion that also leaves a romantic feel in the hands when one holds it. As many as 5176 different types of designs are incorporated to make it uneven, well-proportioned with gorgeous light and shadow.

Huawei Y6 Pro is expected to reap great accolades and high sales, keeping the customers’ eagerness in view.



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