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Huawei Witnessed 44% Smart Phone Shipment Growth Last Year

Huawei Witnessed 44% Smart Phone Shipment Growth Last Year

The leading global technology giant, Huawei, has closed 2015 as a remarkable year indeed. In the last year Huawei has grown in terms of record sales, hiked brand awareness and also achieved marvelous milestones, likewise. Among these milestones one was the robust increase in the smart phones shipment by the Technology leader. The company has witnessed annual 44% smart phones shipment increase in the last year, 2015. This is the record increase by any technology manufacturer in 2015 generally in the smart phones shipment count.

Huawei has achieved this successful pattern of growth due to its strict commitment with the customer oriented product manufacturing and keeping consumer demands a priority. Record Huawei smart phones shipped last year were 108 million units, more precisely, 3 smart phone units shipped in each second.

Although the enhanced global sales regions remained the China and Western Europe, however, local market of Pakistan also captured with Huawei brand. Most exciting smart phone that ruled the market last year in Pakistan was Huawei Mate S. Mate S has superior quality features of smart devices and was offered at best affordable price as compared to other competitors brand devices.

Huawei is all set to invade markets in 2016 as well and with respect to this, Huawei has full range of some really exciting devices for this year. Among these the most awaited smart phone is the Huawei flagship device Huawei Mate 8. Even recently the pre-booking of this marvelous superior quality smart phone has been started while coupled with surprise voucher and free gifts schemes. Other than this, Huawei Honor 5X, Y6 Pro, Go3 and Y5 II etc. These smart phones are prepared to start 2016 as the year of Huawei.

It is also to be noted that Huawei Managing Director for Devices has recently expressed that Huawei is looking to hit the target of 1 to 2 billion US $ within next 2 to 3 years. All these facts and figures clearly demonstrate that Huawei has planned for positive growth in future.

However on the other hand Samsung and Apple are not experiencing the similar conditions. On the contrary Samsung has said that it is expecting a difficult business environment in 2016 on the ground of weakening global economy and heightened competition. On the similar lines a Nikkei report says that most probably Apple is expected to cut it’s recently (or latest) launched iPhone model productions by more or less 30% in the first quarter of this year.

Although the market analysts intimated that it would be earlier to count on Huawei as the real time competitor to Samsung and Apple. But on the other hand the consumer pools Huawei has been capturing progressively across the globe with even positive expectation for the each coming year are irresistibly great. But definitely things will clear, to an extent, within the first quarter.

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