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Huawei Honor 5X Built with 5 best things IS On Its Way To Pakistan

Huawei Honor 5X Built with 5 best things IS On Its Way To Pakistan

Huawei Honor 5X is next in the Honor series that Global Technology giant is going to introduce in Pakistani market in this year. It is strongly expected to be launched in the first quarter of 2016 amid a magnanimous event. Huawei has a distinction with its name of being customer oriented smart phone manufacturer that equally emphasizes stylish elegant design and high technology at best priority. Honor 5X is crafted with the same approach and it contain 5 remarkable features that will attract the consumers.

Honor 5X has been crafted with an aircraft graded aluminum metal body. Metallic body of Huawei Honor 5X give it lustrous shine and silky smooth touch. It also enhances the beauty of this high quality smart phone with silver graceful looks. Probably this will be reason why youth going to fall in love with Huawei Honor 5X, for sure.

Second important thing is the revolutionized fingerprint scanner technology used in Honor 5X. Not like the conventional use of fingerprints, dedicated for security of personal data, Huawei has chosen a different approach here. Different fingerprint of Huawei Honor 5X user can be fixed for different applications just like a speed dial feature but obviously in this case it is about application running. This is the most exciting thing indeed. All the user has to do is to press particular finger print for the desired application. Moreover, Huawei Honor 5X has splendid efficiency to recognize the fingerprints with high accuracy and fastest speed.

We all love to have large storage options for our smart phones because there are lot of memorable moments captured in the form of selfies, pictures, small video clips, songs and many more. And for that customers are really going to prioritize a smart phone that can offer best storage options. This is what Huawei has focused carefully while manufacturing Huawei Honor 5X. Storage in this high technology smart phone is 16GB in-built that is further extendable up to 128GB. Isn’t it awesome? Definitely this is the third best thing for consumers to purchase Huawei Honor 5X.

Forth important point is the 5.5” Full HD (1920X1080) large IPS display screen. Honor 5X offers entertaining experience of vibrant colors and large screen for video streaming, internet surfing and even to experience the picture quality of selfies. Customers will definitely go for Honor 5X to enjoy the quality display.

In the last but not least at all, Huawei Honor 5X is fitted with 3000 mAh large storage capable battery. It is obvious when you have so many exciting features in your smart phone it must not be lacking, then, in the sense of power storage. Subsequently Huawei has offered Honor 5X with readily chargeable and longer hour serving battery so that the customers can enjoy unending entertainment with Honor 5X.

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