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Huawei Smart Watch: the most luxurious Android watch till date

Huawei Smart Watch: the most luxurious Android watch till date

First ever smart watch manufactured by a leading technology brand, Huawei, features out of the world  display and cutting edge add-ons. Huawei has marked 2015 with its endless series of triumphs the most prominent being beating Microsoft and becoming world’s third biggest smart phone vendor. Now, Huawei has stepped-in the smart watch game as well. With the launch of Huawei’s luxurious smart watch at IFA, Berlin, this idea has been radiated to the rival giants  now they should watch out. The ground breaking technologies incorporated in the extraordinary Huawei smart watch, will undoubtedly take the brand to the heights of ultimate success in terms of sales and brand fame.

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Huawei’s Android powered timepiece has been made available for the customers at a fairly high price range, although Huawei has got a reputation of delivering mobile phones at quite affordable prices. And that starts at $349. This is a round stainless steel body, exuding delicate and stylish feel. The HD 1.4 inches AMOLED display of this dazzling smart watch is the star of the show, with 400×400 pixel, 286 ppi, highest resolution to be possessed by any Android smart watch till date. Huawei has given its smart watch a bright and colorful display which will attracts its users to glance repeatedly at the device with beaming joy. Huawei’s smart watch screen has been protected by Sapphire crystal, which is superbly resistant to scratches. The display screen of this amazing watch extends from one corner of the round exterior to another without giving the, not so attractive, small black bar at the bottom, which is exceptionally great as it  gives a more enhanced view on the screen. But something which draws down our excitement is that to adjust the brightness of the screen user would have to go two menus deep in the OS, as this Android watch does not have an ambient light sensor.

Like many other smart watches Huawei’s smart watch offers numerous exciting features. The users can also choose from a premium range of casings straps offered with the watch. The stainless steel and leather straps, fitting the mood or the occasion. Users can choose from these two straps, whether to carry a luxurious steel one or the leather one when going for cardio.

The Huawei smart watch has been magnificently manufactured to become a perfect fitness companion. This excellent watch keeps users active and thriving in the direction of their fitness goals. It goes everywhere with the user, offering a smart and insightful perspective of his activities. High accuracy motion sensor integrated in this watch keeps the track of the user’s activities and record when he is climbing, running or walking.

The Android OS in this watch keeps the user up to date with his priority in a matter of a glance, helping with instant notifications, available to him with a single swipe of a finger. The user can control the music he is listening to, while exercising with utter convenience, use his favorite apps and enhance his efficacy with Google now. Moreover, Huawei’s smart watch is compatible with both Android and iOS powered smart phones.

Another impressive feature of the Huawei smart watch is that after a few seconds of inactivity the display screen gets slightly dimmed, a lite mode of the selected style. Although, this feature would definitely impact battery life, but the user wouldn’t be forced to raise the watch to his face, to peak at the time. The battery of Huawei watch lasts up to two days, giving enough time to get full days tasks done efficiently and on time. Huawei’s magnetic charging pack which attaches to the back of the watch with a soft click, recharges the battery up to 85% in a 45 minutes, and in 90 minutes you will get it fully charged. This is indeed good news for users and the extra battery pack available with the watch is also a nice perk.

With the wide range of Android watches available in the market, to stand out among the rest, a brand needs to focus on every single trait of its product. The style, features, battery and most importantly price. Huawei’s smart watch significantly serves well with its excellent display than its competitors, but still a lot more can be improved in the future Huawei smart watches.

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