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Competition against Samsung and Apple, taken up by Huawei

Competition against Samsung and Apple, taken up by Huawei

Analysts in the year, 2015 have been constantly highlighting the fact that Huawei technologies, is successfully mounting the ladder of growth and fame. This progressing brand is on its way to become the fastest growing brand this year, with its booming sales and challenging the big technology giants such as Samsung and Apple.

Smartphone shipments achieved in Q3 by Huawei have been tremendously incredible for the growth of the company. Huawei, the third largest smart phone vendor in the world, has stated that its third-quarter unit shipments have increased 63 % y-o-y to 24 million handsets. Huawei’s image in the high-end smart phone market has also been glorified with the launch of Mate S, this particularly shows that Huawei wants to change its set image of the budget friendly manufacturer.

The figures of unit shipments recorded during the period of July till September, indicate that Huawei will move to 100 million smart phone sales this year, which would be 33% more than recorded in the previous year. This outstanding growth forecast is certainly disturbing for the rival companies.

According to the stats and figures announced by the company, Q3 shipments in China have gone up by 81 percent, nearly the double of it in Europe. Huawei is all set on its track to meet its target of 100 million unit shipments this year and according to the analysts, Huawei’s 33% growth boost in 2015 would beat rival’s growths. According to Canalys, with the smart phone market share of $7 billion in the second quarter, which is about 1/5th of Apple and Samsung, Huawei remains at a distant third. But still, the strong relations of Huawei with telecom carriers, at home and abroad, as well as the brand’s shifting to high-end premium models, are aiding Huawei to strengthen its positions among the top three tech giants.

Huawei has announced that its third quarter results have climbed tremendously, in comparison to the previous year and about a third of the Q3 shipments, were of mid- to high-end smart phones. These stated figures are indeed pointing towards a promising future for this technology based company. The benchmarks set by Huawei so far, have taken the company to a completely new level and even higher achievements are expected from Huawei, by all the technology enthusiasts and geeks.

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