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Huawei Nexus 6P rises against Apple iPhone 6S

Huawei Nexus 6P rises against Apple iPhone 6S

Since Huawei has launched its latest flagship smart phone, in collaboration with Google, the Nexus 6P, tech geniuses are now comparing this outstanding device to the Apple’s iPhone 6s. Huawei’s latest smart phone Nexus 6P has undoubtedly, proven to be a great competition to high-tier smart phones such Apple iPhone 6 & 6s.

Nexus 6P has loaded in it numerous amazing and unique features in comparison to iPhone 6s. For one, the battery of Nexus is twice more powered than that of Apple iPhone, moreover, the CPU clocking of Nexus is more speeded up with 1.8 GHz Octa-Core as compared to dual-core 2GHz CPU processor of Apple iPhone.



In terms of pixel density the display of Nexus 6P is larger and has better resolution, about 1.5 times greater than that of iPhone 6s’ 326ppi. The 5.7 inches display size of Nexus makes it more of a phablet, whereas, the size of Apple iPhone 6s is 4.7 inches. Certain users prefer to have big screen phones, in order to get more enhanced video watching experience, although with such a big screen, like that of Nexus, users would need to use both their hands for handling the device. While some users prefer to have a smaller smart phone to use it more conveniently with single hand.

Nexus 6P users can have a better movie or music video watching experience, in ultra HD, with its outstanding audio quality because of the front facing stereo-speakers and high quality 4K screen resolution.


As mentioned above as well, the size of both the smart phone is quite different. Some users prefer to have a big phone while others don’t but Apple hasn’t changed much when it comes to the design whereas Huawei has adorned Nexus with superb, sleek design which, despite of being big in size, fits perfectly in the hand and exudes an excellent, premium feel.

Another factor which makes Nexus superior than iPhone is the RAM. Nexus’ RAM is of 3GB which is 1GB bigger than that of Apple iPhone. This means that Nexus is capable of giving better, seamless and smooth performance in comparison to Apple iPhone, when it comes to multitasking, gaming, video buffering or more performing processes simultaneously, etc.


Apple’s iPhone currently lacks when it comes to transferring media files, movies, documents or other compatible file formats, whereas, Nexus 6P is more capable in this regard. Another point, users need to have an Apple cable to charge their iPhone, while the Nexus can be charged using standard USB cable.


Nexus 6P’s camera exhibits better photography results than iPhone because of its higher resolution density and display size. Furthermore, the secondary camera of Nexus is considerably more vivid as it is of 8 mega pixels; on the other hand, the iPhone has 5 mega pixels front camera. The optical image stabilization tool in Nexus 6P allows the users to capture improved quality images, which are more vivid and without any blur.

Features provided with iPhones’ camera are manual ISO, AF tracking, faster auto focus etc, which is more suitable for making amazing videos. Users can fiddle around the settings, having more control over how the videos and images, they capture, turn out to be.


To conclude, mentioned above are those factors because of which Nexus significantly stacks up against iPhone. To add to the list, the price of both these smart phone is quite important for consideration. Because when you can get better quality smart phone at a relatively low price, than what’s better than that.

Huawei’s Nexus 6P is available for $499 (32GB) and $549 (64GB), whereas, the iPhone 6s is prices at $649 (16GB) and $749 (64GB).

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