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Best five features of the amazing Nexus 6P smart phone

Best five features of the amazing Nexus 6P smart phone

The outstanding Nexus smart phone, Nexus 6P has now been officially launched in Pakistan. The teaser shots and features, did give it away but the launch has undoubtedly been astounding because of the surprises wrapped in the alluring metal body of Nexus 6P. Google has, this time, partnered with Huawei to bring forth this fascinating smart phone which has been powered by Pure Android operating system. Google has topped up, Android v6.0 Marshmallow, in Nexus 6P which according to the manufacturers is the most polished and highest performing OS ever.

Huawei Nexus 6P, soon after its launch has gathered utterly amazing and commendable reviews from tech critics and enthusiasts around the globe. Rumor also has it that the forthcoming Nexus smart phone, Nexus 7, might also be produced by Huawei technologies.

Now, as the Nexus 6P is in the market, countless consumers have bought the device and are being fascinated by it. Let’s take a look at the top five outstanding features, apart from the software, Nexus 6P has to offer.


  • Exceptional Quality Camera, 12.3 MP

It has been announced by the Nexus manufacturers that a high-end Sony sensor has been added in the Nexus 6P. This Sony sensor previously served as a module in a camcorder. It has also been stated that the said sensors have been added in a smart phone, for the first time ever. It is a promising sensor, capable of delivering amazing lowlight performance that outshines some of the excellent devices in the market, like iPhone 6S Plus.

Huawei and Google have undoubtedly equipped Nexus 6P with an exceptional quality smart phone and it can be anticipated that forthcoming Nexus would bring, a larger than life, camera on the table.


  • Flawless Fingerprint Scanner

With the teaser and leaked snaps etc of Nexus 6P, the fingerprint reader of the phone was hard to hide and everyone knew it was coming. The fingerprint scanning technology in Nexus is called “Nexus Imprint”. This advanced fingerprint scanner has been reported to be capable of recognizing the fingerprint in lesser than 600 milliseconds. Now, this is something exceptionally awesome. Talking about the speed, at which Nexus device would be unlocked, it is actually out of the world.  It has also been stated by the officials that, with time, Nexus imprint is capable of learning to speed up the scanning process.

With this outclass Nexus Imprint, the users would be able to unlock their phones super speedily, make purchases in the Google Play Store and buy goods at merchants with Android Pay (provided the service is available in your area).


  • Type C- USB Port

It can be said that Huawei’s Nexus 6P is the first smart phone to come with Type C-USB port. It is certainly a proof that the future will hold, incredibly fast charging of devices and data transferring among them. The charging speed in Nexus 6P is further made quick and advanced because of the Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0. This feature is of Snapdragon 810 chipset, also offered in Nexus 6P.

So, the fast charging speed of Nexus 6P and the super quick data transfer with the futuristic Type C USB port, available with Nexus 6O is another top best feature of this Nexus phone.


  • Super cool Front Facing Stereo Speakers

The front facing stereo speakers are another amazing feature brought to consumers by Nexus 6P. It is undoubtedly an exciting feature and happy news for those who are addicted to watching movies or music videos on their smart phones. This feature has previously been available in Nexus 9 and Nexus 6, existing in the similar place but without any big speaker grill.

Although no big promises have been made by the manufacturers but still it can be expected that front facing speakers would be of exceptional functionality. Music, audio production etc through Nexus 6P would be loud, clear and without any distortion.


  • Sleek & Stylish Design

Huawei’s Nexus 6P looks and feels sleek and sharp, real sharp. Nexus 6P owes its stylish, sharp and lustrous look to the nice QHD up front and the aluminum metal body. The edges of this smart phone are perfectly rounded and contoured so that it is nice and easy to hold and provides firm grip. Though the large, 5.7 inch display of Nexus, might seem uneasy to handle but the metal buttons on the right side of the device and the metal ring, around the fingerprint reader, on the back, act as premium trimmings and provide strong hold. On the back of the smart phone, the word “Nexus” is engraved which also adds a bit of sparkle to the device. The large area at the back, for the big camera shouldn’t be a problem if the camera quality is as exceptional as the manufacturers stated.


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