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Free Calls and SMS with Warid SIM Jagao Offer

Free Calls and SMS with Warid SIM Jagao Offer

Welcoming the New Year, Warid brings back its SIM Jagao offer with more invigorating and embracing feel than ever before. All those Warid customers who have not used their Warid SIM since 1st October, 2011, can start using it now to receive a bonus on every recharge for the next three months.

The bonus amount ranges from 5% for a reload of less than Rs. 100, upto 25% for a reload of Rs. 1,000 or more.  The greater the recharge amount will be the bigger the bonus will be. This bonus will not only be eligible for free calls to all local networks but also free SMS to all local networks. Customers can also enjoy amazing call ratesas low as Rs. 2.99/hour for all calls to FnF for the duration of the campaign.

Warid members also get a chance to win free return tickets toMalaysiaafter a lucky draw. No other network is offering such rewards, which makes this a unique opportunity indeed. With Warid, everyone is a winner.

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