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Floods Cause $22 Million of Damage to Pakistan Networks

Floods Cause $22 Million of Damage to Pakistan Networks

­The Pakistan government has estimated that the telecoms networks in the country have suffered losses of Rs1.87 billion (US$22 million) as a direct consequence of the flooding that has hit the country.

According to initial estimates from the IT Ministry, most of the losses had been suffered by companies using fiber-optic cables, followed by cellular companies whose towers had been damaged.

“The companies which had the higher number of towers in these areas have suffered the most as the equipment and generators at each tower have been severely damaged,” a Pakistan Telecommunication Authority official told local media.

The official added that the PTA was in close coordination with cellular companies to restore their service in all parts of the country.

“The companies are replacing panels, our teams have hired boats to reach several areas for repair works,” an official of Ufone said, adding that several sites were not operating because of lack of fuel to run generators.

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