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Dell Marketing’s finger on Pakistan’s pulse

Dell Marketing’s finger on Pakistan’s pulse

Dell Pakistan has been gaining a steady consumer base for a quite a while now. The most fascinating aspect of this gain is not just the sheer number of Pakistani consumers who relate with Dell on a day to day interactive level, but the ways and means by which Dell Pakistan has achieved this loyal fan following; out of the box, unique marketing.From interactive lucky draws at point of sale locations to giveaways in collaboration with symbiotic brands, Dell Pakistan’s individuality in terms of marketing strategy has set it apart from its competitors. It is a clear trendsetter in terms of marketing tools and activities.

Even though many other big names have online presence; it seems that marketing at Dell has tapped into the internet pulse of the Pakistani youth. They have understood that the ultimate interaction between brand and end consumer has never been closer, thanks to Social Media’s gain in popularity as ‘The’ platform where brand and consumer become equals, due to the existence of consumer generated reviews and opinions about their personal experiences with the products in question.

Social media sites like Twitter, Blogger, WordPress etc, provide a stage for everyone interested and are the next frontier in marketing. Digital marketing is taking over in the west, as people prefer to be advertised to in a customized manner, an evolutionary chain that is bound to take Pakistan by storm one day as well is a fact that Dell has clearly set its far sight on.

The 68,000 (and counting) fans on Dell Pakistan’s Facebook page are a testimony to the brand’s ability to deliver local consumers with choice products with which to express themselves and experience the brand.

Taking the example of ‘Jam a Jingle for Dell’ on its Facebook page, one merely begins to understand how Dell has thus far managed to put its finger on a main artery of the end consumer; the ability to identify with the brand. The Dell website overflowed with submissions from people from all walks of life, ages and career back grounds. It brought together a myriad of personalities and demographics and allowed them to identify with the Dell brand in a manner never seen before.

Dell’s Facebook page is an extremely interactive page where users can get live exclusive updates on all things Dell in Pakistan, inside information, upcoming events, promotions, contests & instant gifts.

In lieu of its Dell’s activities, one can only imagine how far out of the box its next advertising venture will manifest.

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