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Buksh Energy to provide technical services for Solar ATM’s in Pakistan

Buksh Energy to provide technical services for Solar ATM’s in Pakistan

Buksh EnergyBuksh Energy Pvt. Ltd has taken another step in its efforts to promote solar energy solutions in Pakistan by ensuring provision of turnkey solutions for  Solar ATMs, which can become a premier solution for facilitating uninterrupted online banking services and overcome electricity shortages in the country.

Buksh Energy has taken this step as part of its energy solutions for sustainability and growth of the country. This will help to provide a 24/7 online banking services to its customers deemed mission critical by the State Bank of Pakistan.

The company first introduced its Solar ATM’s in Pakistan in 2012 to cater the needs of commercial setups of Banks in the country with other leading financial institutions in the pipeline. It has partnered with Bank Alfalah, United Bank Limited and Soneri Bank to install solar ATM’s and to ensure provision of continuous banking services resolving their downtime issues while providing financial benefits and brand equity to banks.

Mr. Asim Buksh, Chairman, Buksh Energy said. “Frequent downtime of ATM’s has always created hindrances for the institutions as well as their customers; however, through solar ATMs, this downtime will be minimized.”

“By adapting Solar ATM’s, banks can reduce their diesel consumption every month up to 56.4% from 1100liters to 480litres.

Ms. Fiza Farhan, Director, Buksh Energy shared her views as, “Solar ATM’s will not only provide the consumer index for banks but it can become a great source for increasing their brand value in fostering efficient and consistent services. It will also enable the banks to reduce the carbon footprint by 5760kg thus paving the way for environment friendly banking and setting an example in the industry for other financial institutions towards green banking.”

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