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All Pakistan Business Forum’ hosts Italian Ambassador and delegates for Industry visits and B2B meetings

All Pakistan Business Forum’ hosts Italian Ambassador and delegates for Industry visits and B2B meetings

The All Pakistan Business Forum (APBF) recently held a meeting with the Italian Ambassador accompanied with Italian business delegation, to discuss ways to promote & diversify trade relations between the two friendly countries. The Italian Ambassador to Pakistan H.E Stefano Pontecorvo along with the Delegates also went for a tour of the Sunder Industrial Estate (SIE). The Italian delegation was informed that; despite several challenges, the economy of Pakistan offers tremendous business opportunities for foreign investors and progressive entrepreneurs. As the country’s economic indicators continue to improve, many international investors are already showing great interest in the various industrial sectors of Pakistan.

Besides the Italian Ambassador – Mr. Stefano Pontecorvo  and the First Secretary – Ms. Elena Claudia, the business delegation from Italy comprised of; Dr David Dominate – Secretary General of AICE, Mr. Pierantonio Cantoni – International Business Promotion AICE and Fres-Co – General Manager of Packaging System at Tianjm Co Ltd. The AICE delegation represented the pioneering business association in Italy, spanning all commercial and industrial sectors, and showing interest in partnerships in Pakistan’s Pharmaceutical, Machinery, Fertilizer, Traditional commodities and many other sectors.

The Italian delegation appreciated the robust business opportunities available in Pakistan and discussed various aspects in detail. Later they also visited the Tetra Pack Plants, CHT (Pvt) Ltd, Ali Corporation and Tepo Corporation (HOIST) manufacturing facilities, where they appreciated the Quality Standards and Health & Safety arrangements. The Italians Delegation invited the APBF members to visit Italy, where they can have direct interactions with the Italian business community and find opportunities of bilateral trade

The President of APBF – Mr. Ibrahim Quraishi highlighted the numerous opportunities for boosting investments, enabling technological collaborations and providing market-access, to derive mutual benefits for both countries. He thanked the President of Sunder Industrial Estate – Haroon Arshad and other officials for their warm welcome and the insightful tour, which also provided valuable information on the Punjab Industrial Estate, the Government’s initiatives and the incentives regarding investment.

The Italian Ambassador stated that; An MOU has already been signed between Italian Embessey in Pakistan and APBF to increase trade and setup B2B meetings for Joint ventures. APBF will be part of Pakistani delegation that will be making a “Country Presentation” in Italy on 5th of April in the presence of the Italian Foreign Minister and the Pakistani Commerce Minister. President APBF Ibrahim Qureshi will also be presenting at the conference the opportunities that exist between the a Private sector of two countries for joint ventures.

The president of APBF – Ibrahim Qureshi appreciated these efforts and said that; “Our goal is simple; “Inspiring business leaders to help build a prosperous Pakistan”. The Italian Ambassador has taken exemplary initiatives and we greatly appreciate his sincere efforts.”

APBF is a vibrant business association, with high-profiled participation from many dynamic enterprises, associations and institutions. It is working with the government of Pakistan to identify and engage the most suitable and credible, international partners for rapid development in the country. APBF seeks to ensure that these collaborations should provide the right mix of financial resources and technological expertise. It promotes and protects the interests of the business community and industry, besides playing an advisory role for the government of Pakistan, regarding policy formulation, regulatory realignments and implementation in the commercial and industrial sectors. APBF has been consistently inspiring the business community to play a key role in national development, by elevating the performance standards and facilitating robust business activities.



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