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“Samsung Dost” – an interactive program for stakeholders & partners

“Samsung Dost” – an interactive program for stakeholders & partners

Samsung Electronics Company Limited is a global market-leader and award-winning innovator in Telecommunications and Digital technology, which has now introduced “Samsung Dost” – An interactive development program for its business partners, stakeholders and customers. A ceremony was held inLahorerecently, to formally launch this initiative. The initiative comprises of interactive sessions, idea sharing and relationship-building between Samsung and its associate.

“Samsung Dost” aims to enhance performance and accelerate growth of its Dealer network, staff, management and consumers who come together as the “Samsung Family”. It reaches out for strengthening business relationships, while enhancing cooperation with the customers and the social communities where Samsung conducts its business operations.

Samsung Pakistan’s Head of TV/AV Division – Mr. Hae Duck Lee, shared his vision by saying; “It is a matter of pride and pleasure for us to introduce “Samsung Dost”- a program designed to enable our partners to grow with us and enjoy the competitive-advantages created by Samsung’s success and innovations in the fields of Technology and customer-care. The honest efforts and powerful ideas from these stakeholders have helped us in making Samsung the leading brand of electronics in the world”.

Samsung Dost will help in creating One-Stop solution for the customers and stakeholders by deploying a strategy for enhancing cooperation and achieving healthy business results. Samsung is thus enabling its stakeholders to understand more, communicate more and grow more. This system will allow Samsung to serve its customers better, through a faster flow of internal and external information, while implementing the best-practices developed through Samsung’s global experience in technology and customer-care.

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