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Year 2016 marked as “the lucky one” for Huawei

Year 2016 marked as “the lucky one” for Huawei


The year 2016 can be marked lucky in the history of Huawei smartphones. Recently, at the launch event of Nova Smartphonein China, Huawei disclosed their mega achievement of having shipped more than 100 million smartphones worldwide since the beginning of this year. This is a huge score for Huawei and a reason for celebration.

Last year, Huawei shipped 100 million smartphones for the whole year, while now it has two months to set a new sales record.

It is projected that with the launch of much anticipated “Nova Plus” in Pakistan, Huawei would surpass their expected sales record. In the past Huawei has set growth records in Pakistan as well and its success worldwide continues to set new precedents in the tech industry. With an ever increasing customer base and renewed innovations in its devices Huawei has become one of the top picks for tech enthusiasts in Pakistan like many other countries.

Huawei is a brand known for putting quality at the forefront of their product and endures top-notch tests and checks on its products’ Mechanical reliability, Environmental durability and lifecycle reliability which is reason it make it standout from the rest.

“Quality is the integrity and lifeline of Huawei,” said Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei’s Consumer Business Group. “Huawei employs the ‘craftsmen’s spirit’ to measure its products and ensure zero defects”.

Thanks to its zero tolerance towards defective products and continued pursuit of innovation and quality, Huawei has earned its global success and widespread acclaim. In the telecommunication equipment market, Huawei is already the world’s leading information and communication solutions provider. In the smartphone market, according to figures from market and user experience research consultancy GFK, Huawei’s global market share has stayed in the top three, while taking the lead in the Chinese market. More than 60% of Huawei’s revenue comes from the overseas market as its products are shipped to over 170 countries and regions.

Pakistan plays a key role in Huawei’s growth strategy and with the recent improvement in law-and-order situation all over the country; the brand is considering its expansion and launching new product line. Additionally, Huawei is geared-up to fulfill customer service offering. With 28 service centers all across Pakistan, Huawei ensures its customers, quality with direct and transparent communication.

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