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Why is Urwa Hocane obsessed with her new Mate?

Why is Urwa Hocane obsessed with her new Mate?

The long and hectic work routines have finally caught up with our beloved celebrities. The repeat scenes, never-ending recordings, tiring photoshoots –have kept them on their toes for a while. With nerve wracking schedules, they have started indulging in obsessions to keep stress at bay.

Recently, Urwa Hocane – one of Pakistan’s most celebrated actors has startled everyone with her new obsession. Her cast and crew are mind boggled as she spends all her time with her mystery Mate on the set of her new movie. It looks like ‘Urwatistic’ (how she likes to be called) has finally found her one true Mate.

One of the cast members told us, that Urwa is totally obsessed with her new Mate which is distracting her during her movie shoots. The glitterati are abuzz with wonder who this new Mate is that has the undivided attention of Pakistan’s most gorgeous diva.

Urwa’sfascinationwith the new Mate has amazed people, especially her family and friends. How has this new Mate enraptured Urwa? Could it be something which it offers that the others don’t? Guess we’ll all have to wait and watch!

Urwa Hocane is a Pakistani VJ, model and actor, who made her acting debut with leading role in the 2012 romantic drama Meri Ladli alongside Ahsan Khan and Sajal Ali. Moreover, she made her film debut in the 2014 romantic comedy Na Maloom Afraad opposite Fahad Mustafa, Mohsin Abbas Haider and Javed Sheikh. Urwa has received rave reviews throughout her career, and has earned a lot of praise for her larger than life performances.


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