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When and how your Gree AC requires service?

UntitledWhen the weather out there is just too hot, it’s a blessing to have an air conditioner to cool off, but what if your air conditioner is out of order? From any electronic appliance to living beings,

everyone/everything requires care, maintenance and service at some point or the other, and that too, should be done in its required way.

Talking about #Gree Air conditioners, the need to have them thoroughly checked should be seasonally. A functionally maintained Gree AC is capable of the following:

  •       Sustain suitable humidity in all parts of the premises
  • excessive humidity during certain seasons is freed from the air
  • Provision of continuous and adequate supply of ventilation
  • Efficiently eliminating micro-organisms, dust, soot, and other foreign bodies from the air
  • Maintain cool room air during certain seasons
  • Help heat the rooms in winter
  • An equipment that is not costly in purchase or maintenance

“Air conditioner gradually loses its performance every year without proper maintenance”

In case, any of the above functions are not performed well then it is essential to have the maintenance done by Gree authorized technical team; else the warranty of under warranty unit can be void if you get it done by some local technician.

Check List for AC Service:

It’s a good idea to call Gree professional team to inspect and do maintenance of unit after every designated time frame but at the same time, one should also have knowledge base of their equipment, so it is preferable to have a maintenance checklist to keep your #Gree cooling system in top shape. Keep check yourself when Gree technical support representative is operating a service visit of your AC. Mentioned below is a simple and doable Air-conditioning maintenance checklist provided by #Gree for your convenience which can be divided into indoor and outdoor unit listings respectively.

Indoor unit checklist includes;

  • Checking insulations and leakages
  • Inspect duct system
  • Check for any abnormal sound
  • Beware of unusual odors
  • Clean or replace filters

Outdoor unit checklist is;

  • Check proper cleaning of drain pipe
  • Cleaning of outdoor unit
  • Notice any signs of corrosion
  • Check gas in condenser

In case if you are having non-inverter #Gree air conditioner, perform following steps after a detailed service;

  • Pack up non-inverter in winter/off season
  • Unplug unit from power socket
  • Put covers on indoor and outdoor unit
  • Remove remote batteries

In the end, it is to make sure that a proper document/slip is provided to the owner from the #Gree authorized professional/ technical team upon completion of the maintenance visit. A/C maintenance is more important than you might think. In addition to helping your #Gree Air Conditioner run better and avoiding future problems, you will also be saving precious time and money.

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