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Welcome to Jazz Bananas!

Welcome to Jazz Bananas!

Peel open a new life with Pakistan’s first mobile App Store 

It’s finally time to peel open a new life with the new Jazz Bananas –Pakistan’s first ever mobile app store. Jazz Bananas gives you access to tons of content on-the-go, paid and even free, such as apps, ringtones, e-books for major platforms such as Android, Java and Symbian.

Such apps, with access to news, world, weather updates, sports news and much more.

How To Use Jazz Bananas?

Simply log on to from any GPRS-enabled handset to browse apps or search by choice. After selecting the required content, click BUY and follow the on-screen instructions.

Also, you can register at the website to view active history, rate and review content and also enjoy exclusive offers.

What are the Charges?

A lot of the content on Jazz Bananas is absolutely free! The store also offers a range of innovative offerings, all priced between PKR 5 to PKR 100 only! Standard GPRS charges apply on downloads as per package plan.

A feature called ‘Developer’s Zone’ is available on from where users can upload and share their content for supported handsets.

*Jazz Bananas is exclusive to all Mobilink Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers.

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