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Ultimate Battery Solution Will be the Key Factor in Huawei Y6 Pro Market Success

Ultimate Battery Solution Will be the Key Factor in Huawei Y6 Pro Market Success

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The global technology giant, Huawei, has been focusing on the customers’ needs efficiently and has successfully addressed a wide array of consumer market with exciting solutions. Longer hours of battery timing is one of the basic requirements for any consumer, especially in Pakistan where electricity issues are affecting the living style severely. Concentrating on this factor, Huawei Technologies has put forth an exciting smart phone with incredible battery features. Huawei’s upcoming smart phone, Huawei Y6 Pro would prove to be the best in providing the users with longer hours of entertainment and fun.

The Huawei Y6 Pro has a super powerful battery with a larger storage capacity of 4000mAh. Battery fitted in the Y6 Pro is a lithium ion battery, and the most important thing is that Huawei has provided a wonderful equation for long lasting power. According to the technology giant, Huawei, Y6 Pro battery is designed to facilitate the highest level of performance of the smart phone for more than 2 days uninterruptedly. Similarly, the Company has claimed that Huawei Y6 Pro offers 113 hours of nonstop music to the user, 39 hours when it comes to calling, 18 hours for movie streaming and 15 hours while surfing on internet.

Interesting to note is that Huawei Y6 Pro has much more to offer in terms of longer battery life as compared to Samsung Galaxy S5 and Apples iPhone 5s. On a normal usage scale Huawei Y6 Pro battery life has been recorded for 2.5 days in comparison to 1.84 days of Samsung S5 and 1.72 days of Apple iPhone 5s. Similarly Huawei Y6 Pro has an edge of better mileage for battery hours for heavy as well as business use.

There are two exciting features other than the ones mentioned above, that make Y6 Pro the greatest smart phone in terms of power specs. Ultra fast charging, incorporated for the users in Huawei Y6 Pro is no doubt a real edge. With only a charging time of 10 minutes.

Overall, Huawei Y6 Pro is an example of ultimate expertise in the world of smart technology and advancement of technical innovations. Consumers here in Pakistan are waiting for Huawei to break the news for Huawei Y6 Pro launch and subsequently its availability in the markets, because, it is simply an all-in-one solution for smart technology lovers in the modern era.

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