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Ufone plants trees at IMCG F-7/4 for a Greener Pakistan

Ufone plants trees at IMCG F-7/4 for a Greener Pakistan

In continuation of Ufone’s green initiative, the Ufone Volunteer Group (UVG) visited Islamabad Model College for Girls F-7/4 and planted trees to help provide a healthier environment within the facility which covers an area close to two acres.

The educational facility has a number of gardens which were in dire need of shady trees; Ufone being a socially responsible organization facilitated the school management and students by arranging the plantation activity and encouraging the students of the institution to take part alongside the UVG’s.

Ufone’s Chief Marketing Officer, Akbar Khan also took part in the plantation activity and said that by carrying out such an activity in an educational facility, Ufone is instilling the importance of a greener planet and environmental sustainability within students of all educational levels. He also mentioned that all corporations should take it upon themselves to help educate the children of Pakistan and ingrain in them the benefits of preserving the environment.

Social responsibility has become a global phenomenon due to which corporations around the world now heavily focus on the nurturing of the society. Ufone, one of the leading telecom companies in the country, has been at the forefront of many public initiatives which have been taken to benefit their valued customers. Since inception Ufone has been a socially responsible organization, and over the last few years, has carried out various CSR projects related to child health care and on highlighting the need for a green and healthy environment.

Ufone also recently conducted a tree plantation at Policlinic which not only provides a healthy environment but also provides shade for the parents and children to sit under while they are at the hospital.

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