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Ufone hosts Cultural Diversity Workshop for Employees in Collaboration with AIESEC

Ufone hosts Cultural Diversity Workshop for Employees in Collaboration with AIESEC

Keeping in view Ufone’s vision to engage the youth in activities which promote the image of Pakistan, Ufone in collaboration with AIESEC is conducting project ‘Pakistan tum he to Ho’ which is aimed to highlight the positive side of Pakistan in the international arena.

AIESEC, the world’s largest student-run organization, is the international platform for young people to explore and develop their leadership potential to have a positive impact on society. Their platform enables organizations to interact and source high-potential university students and graduates from all over the world through our projects, exchange programs, conferences, and virtual communication tools.

With the further weakening & dampened perception of our nation, the Pakistani youth feels the pressures associated with belonging to a country to which much negative stereotypes are attached. Project ‘Pakistan Tum He to Ho’ aims to fight such stereotypical thinking.

AIESEC representatives from foreign countries are currently in Pakistanto conduct Ufone’s project ‘Pakistan Tum He To Ho’ and as part of the project they conducted a cultural diversity workshop for Ufone employees.  it was a highly interactive session where the international interns discussed their perception ofPakistan before visiting and how their thought process had changed after spending a couple of months here. They also pointed out similarities and differences between different cultures and encouraged exchange programs which gave students an opportunity to visit different countries and learn about their culture and norms. This workshop was also an eye opener for Ufone employees as there were quite a few things which they realized that they take for granted but are very intriguing to a visitor from another country. The interns also had a one on one session with Akbar Khan, Chief Marketing Officer at Ufone and got some insight on the workings of Ufone as a competitive telecom company in a highly challenging market. All groundwork done by these interns will be shared with AIESEC members across the globe which will ensure that thePakistan’s soft image is portrayed all around.

Akbar Khan explained Ufone’s vision for project ‘Pakistan Tum He To Ho’ in very simple and profound words, “PTHTH is a project very close to our hearts, the idea was conceived by Abdul Aziz President & CEO Ufone and was created to engage Pakistanis across the globe.” PTHTH is a platform to highlight the positives of one of the toughest nations in the world. And even after so much negativity we still stand as one hoping to makePakistana better place for generations to come.

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