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Ufone CEO, Mr Abdul Aziz nominated for ‘CEO of the Year Award’

Ufone CEO, Mr Abdul Aziz nominated for ‘CEO of the Year Award’

Ufone CEO, Mr Abdul Aziz nominated for ‘CEO of the Year Award’
The esteemed ‘World Communication Awards (WCA)’ committee has nominated Mr. Abdul Aziz CEO & President Ufone for the CEO of the Year Award 2010. WCA is widely recognized as the most trusted and global event of its kind in the communications industry.
The World Communication Awards recognizes companies and individuals responsible for the innovations, achievements and great new services that are helping to build tomorrows industry.  Hundreds of nominations were received for CEO of the year, which have been addressed and reduced to a shortlist of twenty. Mr. Abdul Aziz’s nomination is truly a cause for national pride because he is the only Pakistani who has been nominated to gain recognition at this prestigious event. To be acknowledged by WCA is no mean feat; it is a milestone and an accomplishment on its own.
Mr. Aziz is a fellow Chartered Accountant whose competitive nature and innovative ideas have fully met the financial challenges facing the global world today. In a time of recession, he has risen as a beacon of hope for industries all over Pakistan with the message that prompt action combined with business ingenuity can pave the way forward. It has only been two and a half years since Mr. Aziz has again joined Ufone; the fact that he has already won international acclaim through this nomination is proof of the remarkable feats that he has performed.
Mr. Aziz said: “It has been our goal at UFONE to represent excellence, leadership, service and integrity. Being nominated as CEO of the year is a tribute not only to me but also to my team members, as we have together taken UFONE to new heights.”

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