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Ufone assists in The Citizens Foundation’s Career Counseling Programme

Ufone assists in The Citizens Foundation’s Career Counseling Programme

Taking a step forward to promote education amongst the underprivileged, Ufone Volunteers are actively taking part in “The Citizens Foundation’s (TCF) Career Counseling programme.

Since inception Ufone has had a major focus on child health care and educationTCF’s ‘Career Counseling Program’ is designed for TCF students who were appearing for the Matriculation examinations this year. With the use of a pre-designed personality test and other self-appraisal exercises, counselors helped discover and highlight the aptitude of the concerned young adult.  Through this process of derivation, the aim of the counselor is to increase each individual’s self-awareness and map future career opportunities for them. This process will help enable the young adult to become focused and work towards realistic and achievable goals.

In continuation of Ufone’s collaboration with TCF, TCF organized workshops in Lahore and Karachi for Ufone volunteers to prepare the volunteers to act as mentors and instill in them the knowledge and expertise to carry out counseling activities as per the objective of the programme.

Akbar Khan, Chief Marketing Officer at Ufone, said that the volunteers were very keen on sharing their experiences with the students at TCF schools.  He said that the aim was to make a difference, no matter how big or small, in the lives of these children.

Ufone, being a socially responsible organization continues to be at the forefront of many mentor initiatives. Since inception Ufone has taken serious interest in in-house and external CSR projects and over the last few years, has carried out various initiatives that benefit the deserving segments of the society. These initiatives have profited the populace as well as provided an opportunity for the volunteers to fully appreciate the art of distributing knowledge.

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