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Ufone‘s Utrack Business: A new dimension in corporate tracking

Ufone‘s Utrack Business: A new dimension in corporate tracking

Ufone, a leading telecom company in the industry and the leader in innovation has introduced many groundbreaking and innovative value added services over the years. Keeping up with this tradition, Ufone has now offered ‘UTrack Business’ which is specifically designed to cater to the needs of the corporate sector.

UTrack Business provides a complete employee tracking and management solution, allowing businesses to track their work force, ensuring effectiveness and safety, all via a self-care web portal. Ufone is the first operator to launch such a service for the corporate sector and currently is leading by highest number of corporate accounts.

Basic features of UTrack Business are; location of employees is displayed on a map within the main web interface, businesses can track their workforce every 30 minutes and 1 hour. Most importantly multiple hierarchies/accounts can be created under one main account e.g. Head Quarter & regional accounts or manager/team based accounts.

This groundbreaking service comes with an inventory management solution as part of UTrack Business Add-on; this innovative and powerful business tool allows a single window solution for inventory management and employee tracking. This add-on is particularly useful for FMCG’s and pharmaceutical companies who have a high inventory turn-over rate.

A number of additional features enhance the experience and add further value for corporate clients such as ‘Team View’ which allows UTrack Business users to see the location of all members simultaneously on the map. By opting for ‘Route View’ users will be able to see the route of any individual employee in a single view. If the User wishes to select a specific time and date to track an employee the system will automatically generate the route during that specified time.

Another powerful feature is the ‘View Point of Interest’ which allows you to add a point of interest on the map, helping you to add your own reference points for better tracking and user experience. A feature for advanced users is the ‘15 Minutes Tracking’ which allows businesses to track their workforce every 15 minutes, rather than 1 hour or 30 minutes. Users will receive an employee tracking report via email every 12 hours through the ‘Email alert’ feature.

Speaking on the occasion Taimur Faiz Cheema, Head of Value Added Services and Mobile Financial Services at Ufone said, ‘At Ufone our team strives to keep up with the new age needs of the corporate sector. This initiative is an extremely proud achievement for the organization as it is a first of its kind service being provided by any Telco in the country. It is our aim and promise to the customers that we will continue to provide the most innovative, secured and customer friendly services in the country’.

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