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Tingle your Photography Streak with G8’s Revolutionary Camera

Tingle your Photography Streak with G8’s Revolutionary Camera

Since the time smart phones have entered the human lives, seizing the moment has become the most favorite pastime of all. Nothing gives one more pleasure than creating everlasting and fun, memorable pictures with his/her friends and family. Huawei has taken photography to the next level with the revolutionary cameras of its latest smart phones. This technology champion company has, unbeatably, established itself as the originator of numerous cutting-edge technologies.

Huawei’s recently unveiled smart phone, G8, is a dazzling specimen of its camera uniqueness.This smart device has been masterly crafted super efficient cameras with Sapphire lens, for providing improved scratch resistance. The 13 MP rear and 5MP front cameras of G8 carry with them such amazing and outclass features that users would never want to stop taking pictures.IMG-01

The rear cam has been aptly equipped to take beautifully neat and vivid pictures in all low-light, high-light and high-contrast conditions. With the help of a high-motion flashlight, anti-vibration, optical image stabilization, enhanced RGBW sensors, F2.0 aperture and 28mm wide angle lens, Huawei G8’s primary camera would enable users to capture lively and vibrant colored pictures.

The 5MP, Selfie camera of G8 has been supported with the modernized beautification and perfection features. Huawei has partnered with a renowned beauty arithmetic company to produce the “beautification 3.0 technology” for giving the selfies real-time beauty effects. The beautification technology incorporated in G8 produces more natural effects and advanced beautifying functions, e.g. skin tone adjustments, skin smoothening, skin whitening and eye-enhancements, etc. With preset settings, the user can always manage to capture his/her perfect Selfie, even when taking the picture with a group of friends.

Huawei has packed G8 with its latest Smart composition function, which would transform poorly conceived frames and ambiguous objects in the pictures and determine the perfect composition by identifying faces and applying aesthetic processing. Huawei’s G8 is the first ever smart phone produced by this company that carries the Smart composition function.

With the aid of all the above-mentioned capabilities, it can be verily said that, though G8 is a mid-tier smart phone, but the pictures captured by this device would be outstanding like taken through any high-end phone. Huawei has yet again delivered an excellent phone, with extraordinary features and modern technologies at a convenient price.



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