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Telenor Connexion Test Wireless Road Traffic Monitoring

Telenor Connexion Test Wireless Road Traffic Monitoring

­M2M service provider, Telenor Connexion has published the results of successful field tests of real-time traffic monitoring service with a platform supplied by Billoo Development.

As a result the two companies will now begin to collect and monitor the largest real-time traffic data ever undertaken in Europe.

Careful monitoring of road mobility management is a key issue for any government today. This encompasses a number of disciplines that are fundamental to the success of a modern-day government administration, i.e. economics, ecology, safety, national infrastructure and tax resources.

Combining real-time road mobility management with the collection of a mileage tax promotes toll collection based on a “right of use” policy rather than one based on the “consumption of non-renewable energies”. This in turn contributes to a European/worldwide “green and sustainable environmental policy”.

“Road mobility management in real-time at a single country level, is subject to massive constraints: telecommunication infrastructures must be adapted to data interchange and the system’s capacity must efficiently monitor and store enormous amounts of data traffic. Field tests are therefore critical particularly when taking into account the management of vehicles moving near boundaries or crossing them,” says Pablo Contreras, Global Business Development Executive at Telenor Connexion.

Large field trials simultaneous across several countries were conducted successfully. They confirm the accuracy of the simulators used during laboratory testing, and all results obtained to date regarding the quantity and speed of data processed including for vehicles moving in urban areas.

Billoo has designed its own technology to process all data generated by millions of travelling vehicles, independently of their number and traffic variations. The solution is based on GPS/GPRS technologies and has been developed from inception. Successful results have been achieved by exchanging data between vehicles and the Billoo computing centre in a bi-directional manner and by analyzing this data in real time.

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