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(TDAP) is pleased to announce its 1st international ‘Pakistan Engineering and Healthcare Show 2022’

(TDAP) is pleased to announce its 1st international ‘Pakistan Engineering and Healthcare Show 2022’

Lahore- The Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP) is pleased to announce its 1st international ‘Pakistan Engineering and Healthcare Show 2022’ being organized at the historic & cultural capital of Pakistan, Lahore.

As you are aware, TDAP is the premier government organization on trade facilitation and promotion and mandated to have a widespread approach on the development of trade & businesses and flourish export culture in the country. Staying true to its function, TDAP has explored innovative ways for facilitating Pakistani entrepreneurs and business sectors to explore new horizons of international export markets and strengthen their linkages globally.

Keeping in view the need for trade and market diversification, TDAP is organizing the first ever “Engineering and Healthcare Show, 2022”, scheduled to be held from 25th February to 27th February, 2022 in the Expo Centre, Lahore. This mega exhibition will witness international delegates from 46 countries of Africa and Central Asian Republics (CARs) countries.

TDAP is striving towards developing the non-traditional sectors of Pakistan in order to make them the engines of export growth. The engineering sector is one such emerging sector, which will allow Pakistan to ascend the value chain for its exports. In this event, all leading 21 product categories from the engineering and health sectors will be showcased. These engineering & healthcare products include agricultural machinery, safety equipment, surgical instruments, sports goods, musical instruments, auto-parts, gems & jewellery, cosmetics, furniture, rubber and its allied products, packaging, plastic and its implements, stationery, paperboard, electrical machinery, cookware, marble, minerals, steel and iron, construction material, cutlery, mobile devices, handicrafts, pharmaceutical, and chemicals etc.

The purpose of this event is to link our existing exporters and enterprises with the foreign businesses/buyers and to strategize our entry into these untapped and potential markets so that they may align their production in accordance with world demand, provide an opportunity to our SMEs to showcase their products to international buyers and explore opportunities for investments, joint ventures, brand franchising and promote the softer image of Pakistan.

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