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SmartphoneBuying Guide for Newbies

SmartphoneBuying Guide for Newbies

With so many smartphones available, it can be tough to figure out which one is the right choice for you. This is especially true if you’re a first-time buyer; many are designed with features that appeal to older users, but don’t necessarily take into account what newbies want from a device.

If you’re new to smartphone buying, have no fear – here’s everything you need to know about finding the perfect pocket companion.

Choose a phone that can keep up

If you’re a young smartphone user, chances are that you lead a non-stop lifestyle – and you’re probably looking for a device that can keep up and keep you connected. In fact, one survey by Deloittefound that social networking and gaming are the key activities for people using the smartphone!

Battery power is key. If you’ve got school or college all day, plus after-class activities and social events in the evenings, you might not be able to charge your phone in between everything that’s going on – so choose a phone that won’t let you down. The new Huawei Y7 has a massive 4000mAh batterywith smart power-saving technology, so you can enjoy more funny time even with heavy usage,

Decidewhat you need

Before you buy, sit down and make a list of the three main functions you want your new phone to have. For many young people today, it’s all about entertainment – from mobile gaming, to non-stop music on the go, to sharing videos and photos with friends. Once you know more about what your new phone will be expected to do, you can choose the best model.

For on-the-go gaming and music, pick a smartphone with a powerful processor to ensure music and games run quickly, smoothly and without interruption. The Huawei Y7 is once again a good bet, with its powerful punch of aQualcomm Octa-core processor plus 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, to keep everything running at top speed.

Don’tforgoa great camera

Your smartphone can help you make memories to last a lifetime, with just one click. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to snap amazing shots that you’ll enjoy looking back on for years. Smartphone cameras today have so many different options that it can be overwhelming, but just keep a few basics in mind –like getting larger pixels to capture more light, even in dim conditions, and features that let you take sharp photos in an instant. With the Huawei Y7, users get a larger 1.25 μm pixel sensor as well asPhase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF)which help the camera capture fast-moving scenes and take low-light pictures.For selfie lovers will not miss the “Perfect selfie” feature like Beauty mode and Panorama selfie lets you capture wide-angle photos, while keeping you and your friends front-and-center.

Keep it simple

For your first phone, you’ll want a “click-and-go” operating system that makes it easy to get quick access to everything you need. The Huawei Y7 was designed exactly for that, and offers an update to Huawei’s signature Emotion User Interface system – EMUI 5.1. EMUI 5.1 provides a clean and simple interface; in fact 90% of frequent actions can be completed in 3 steps, and numerous many junk adverts will be blocked from notifications. Users can also enjoy faster and easier photo sharing capabilities, and smart calendar combining resources from SMS, emails and Notes.  Additionally, Eye care mode makes the screen more comfortable for the eyes while long-time reading and playing games. The Huawei Y7 is also equipped with Android 7.0, bringing in brand new features that make the Huawei Y7 even easier, faster and more fun to use.

Choose a device you love

Your phone will be with you at all hours of the day; keeping you connected to friends and family, documenting your life and giving you access to everything you need online, on the go. Therefore, above everything else, choose a device you just love. Feel how it fits in your hand, and look at the unique design details. If you’rein love with this year’s hottest trend ofstylish yet tough industrial aesthetics, the Huawei Prime is a great choice with its metallic body and sandblasted details. And, with naturally rounded corners, it’s also superbly comfortable to hold.

Use these tips and you’ll be well on your way to finding a smartphone that looks great, runs like a champion and gives you everything you need from your handheld device.




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