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Sika, a swiss construction chemical manufacturing company, expanded the footprints by inaugurating its manufacturing plant in Sundar Industrial Area Lahore. The announcement was made in a press conference held at the Avari Hotel on 3rd November, 2017.

The fully automated manufacturing facility is Pakistan’s first ever LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)certified construction chemical plant. LEED is an International rating systemfor buildings which evaluates environmental performance and award points across several areas that address sustainability. The factory will produce mortars and liquid products of construction chemicals locally. Local production will bring quality products more close to their customers and to contribute into economy of Pakistan by decreasing imports. The factory will be resource efficient as it will save 20% energy, 50% water efficiency and 30% better Indoor Air quality in comparison to any other industrial facility in Pakistan. Sika Pakistan will create 150 jobs directly and 1000 jobs indirectly by 2020.

The press conference was chaired by H.E. Thomas Kolly, Swiss Ambassador in Pakistan while in attendance were MiljanGutovic, Head of Sika Middle East & Director Sika Pakistan, Naveed Chaudhary, CEO/GM  Sika Pakistan, JahanzebBurana CEO PBIT,Aqrab Rana CEO Pakistan Green Building Council & Side Works and Farhat Ali President Swiss Business Council.

While speaking on the occasion, quote of Swiss Ambassador (H.E. Thomas Kolly)

“Switzerland and Pakistan have a good positive relationship; we are very happy to have strong economic ties with Pakistan. Sika’s new manufacturing facility is another remarkable step towards strengthening further the bilateral trade relations between the two countries and I am confident that this relationship will continue to flourish in the future also.

While speaking on the occasion, quote of Head of Sika Middle East& Director Sika Pakistan (MiljanGutovic)

“We encourage foreign direct investment; Sika Pakistan is the proof of good relationship with Pakistan. We are happy to announce new plant in Pakistan. With the launch of this plant, Sika’s intended to provide custom made products for our valued customers in Pakistan. We will continue to bring innovations to meet local requirements and at the same time improve quality of the construction chemical market in Pakistan”

While speaking on the occasion CEO/GM Sika quote (Naveed Chaudhry)

“I am very happy, today we have opened our new plant. We want sika to come close to the consumer due to it quality and expanded footprint. We are eager to expand in Pakistanwith product diversity of our product. We are hoping to create new and happy Pakistan for our next generation.”

The press conference was followed launch event which was attended by the government officials, top businessmen and architects of the country. The night ended with a musical performance by Sajjad Ali and then dinner.

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