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Severe Weather UK Flight Disruptions

Severe Weather UK Flight Disruptions

Etihad Airways has delayed all flights to London until further notice, due to the closure of Heathrow airport as a result of severe weather conditions. 

The airline is in close contact with the UK authorities, and once the airport reopens, Etihad will do everything possible to have passengers flying to their destination. 

Two flights to London were diverted on Saturday December 18; one to Manchester and one to Frankfurt. Passengers on the Manchester flight have been transferred to London via coach, and passengers in Frankfurt have received hotel or lounge accommodation. 

Etihad’s early morning flight to London, EY11, returned to Abu Dhabi on Sunday (December 19), following the late and unexpected announcement of the continued closure of the airport. Passengers are being provided with hotel accommodation locally. 

Etihad operates three flights to London per day. The airline encourages customers to check its website for the latest flight delays or cancellations.

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